• City of Manistique

1/4/2012 - Quarry Lake Re-Opened

Manistique Public Safety Director Ken Golat issued the following news release on January 4, 2012: At 2:00PM, January 4, 2012, the Manistique Public Safety Department re-opened Quarry Lake located in the Central park of the City of Manistique. Quarry Lake had been closed on December 13, 2011, because of repeated reports of persons on the ice and extremely unsafe ice conditions due to the unseasonably warm weather. The situation became worse as unchaperoned children began to play on the ice, carrying rocks out to the middle of the lake where the ice was very thin. Public Safety Officers tested the ice this date and found that ice thickness now averaged about 8 inches. The officers would warn the public however, that the ice does contain numerous rocks thrown and carried from the shoreline; some of these rocks are not visible as they have melted into the ice and fishermen’s augers may be damaged. Ice skating is also not recommended unless an area of ice is inspected before hand. The Public is reminded that Michigan Fishing Laws are in effect on Quarry lake and may be enforced by the Michigan DNR or any Public Safety or police officer. The lake and entire Central park is closed to ORV or snowmobile use. The rock cliffs on the east side of the lake are also closed to the public due to the safety hazard they present. In closing, officers would like to advise the public that they are using Quarry lake at their own risk, that the ice should always be regarded dangerous and that common sense should apply. Citizens are asked to report any dangerous situations or violations to the Manistique Public Safety Department by dialing 911.

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